Everyone who participates in sailing has the right to a positive and enjoyable experience in a safe environment. SafeSail’s goal is to help sailors and organizations develop processes and procedures by becoming a platform for resources and reporting.

Disclaimer: This is a new endeavor and the forms and examples below are still in development. If you wish to get involved, please use the contact form below.

Resources for Individuals

Report an Incident

Anyone can report an incident, witness or victim. We respect your decisions and privacy. Use this simple form if you choose to report misconduct and it will be forwarded to your Race Organizer or Class Administrator for further action.

See Something? But unsure or don’t know what to say?

If you are unsure if someone is being harassed, just ask: “hey, are you cool with this?” If you know someone is being mistreated, just tap the offender on the shoulder and say, “hey, that’s not cool,” or even better, lead them away somewhere else for a refreshment, and maybe the next day have a solid man-to-man chat about their behavior. 

More Resources Coming Soon!

This is an ongoing effort! What would help you? We will be fine tuning as we go and hope to provide support materials for sailors, supporters, and organizations. Contact us below to get involved or email info@sailsafe.org

Resources for Organizations

Register your Next Event, Class, or Organization

Please register an event, class, yacht club, or any organization that should receive reports they can be automatically sent to you.

Code of Conduct Example

Feel free to copy and adjust this Code of Conduct Policy for your next event and ask your participants via the waiver and/or sailing instructions to comply

Order Bar and Skipper Bag Cards

Download the image above to print or share on your website or social media. Registered events may request us to send them to you.

What is SafeSail

Modeled on SafeSport, an organization established to provide resources and reporting mechanisms for athletes. SafeSail is a volunteer organization looking to be a resource for sailors and organizations to be heard and create communities of inclusion at events.

How It Works

First, we encourage sailing classes, yacht clubs, and events to register here with the contact information of whom should be contacted in the event a report is filed. Then if a report is filed by an individual, it will automatically be forwarded to Race Organizer on file. If one does not exist, SafeSail volunteers will work to find one.

How can you support

Maintaining this website, creating free resources, and the operations of a sensitive topic does take time and money. We have set up a GoFundMe to try and allow supporters to financially support our endeavors.

Contact Us

To learn more or get involved.

You can also contact us at info@sailsafe.org

Please let us know what's on your mind. Or if you would like to get involved. Have a question for us? Ask away.