At SafeSail, we believe that every individual engaged in sailing deserves a positive and enjoyable experience within a secure environment. Our mission is to serve as a supportive platform for sailors and organizations, offering a mechanism for reporting misconduct and delivering valuable resources. Through these efforts, we strive to cultivate a culture of inclusion, ensuring that the sailing community thrives on the principles of safety, respect, and enjoyment for all.

Registered Organizations

Resources for Individuals

Report an Incident

Anyone can report an incident, witness, or victim with respect to individual decisions and privacy. Use this simple form to report any misconduct and it will be forwarded to the Race Organizer or Class Administrator for further action. Please note that we are not an investigative or punitive organization; we are here to help change the culture and create avenues for accountability. We do not hold records of reports, we are merely a tool to connect sailors with organizers.

Help us change the culture: See Something? Say Something!

If you are unsure if someone is being harassed, just ask: “hey, are you cool with this?” If you know someone is being mistreated, just tap the offender on the shoulder and say, “hey, that’s not cool,” or even better, lead them away somewhere else for refreshment, and maybe the next day have a solid one-to-one chat about their behavior. 

Resources for Everyone

Support materials for sailors, supporters, and organizations. We are looking to add more, so if you have something to add please contact us below to get involved or email

Resources for Organizations

Register your Next Event, Class, Organization, or Team

Please register your event, class, yacht club, or any organization that should receive reports of misconduct. SafeSail is here to connect people to create a better culture of accountability. We do not hold records of incidents, we are here to challenge organizations to be part of the solution.

Not sure where to begin?

Download our Toolkit to share with your group to help understand what we are all about. This step by step guide explains who we are and how our tool works.

Code of Conduct Example

Feel free to copy and adjust this Code of Conduct Policy for your next event and ask your participants via the waiver and/or sailing instructions to comply

Order Bar and Skipper Bag Cards

Download the image below to print or share on your website or social media. Registered events may request us to send them to you.

What is SafeSail

SafeSail is a volunteer grassroots organization dedicated to providing resources and reporting mechanisms for sailors. Our mission is to be a connection point for sailors and organizations, fostering a culture of inclusion and ensuring everyone's voice is heard at events.

What SafeSail is NOT

SafeSail is NOT any kind of investigative or punitive organization. We don't replace Law Enforcement, US Sailing, International Jury Members, or SafeSport. Reports are not stored on our servers; they are automatically forwarded to local individuals registered with us.

How It Works

First, we challenge all sailing classes, yacht clubs, and events are encouraged to register with SafeSail, providing contact info for the designated person to handle reports.When an individual files a report, it automatically goes to the designated Race Organizer. If none is listed, SafeSail volunteers step in to find one.

How can you support

Maintaining this vital platform, creating free resources, and handling sensitive matters require time and resources. You can support SafeSail by contributing to our Donation page. Every donation helps us continue our mission of fostering a safe and inclusive sailing community.

Contact Us

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Please let us know what's on your mind. Or if you would like to get involved. Have a question for us? Ask away.

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